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A few of our newest creations!

  • Ready for Columbus
  • Ready for Columbus
  • Barn Fresh Sign

Barn Fresh Designs is your source for unique, handcrafted vintage furniture, decor, and accessories.
Each piece is handcrafted from reclaimed, repurposed, or new Northeastern white pine.
We call it “Barn Fresh Designs.” Inspired design, unique to our New England workshop. Your eye may see some elements of French Country, Americana, Country Chic, Cottage styles and others – and you would be correct! They are all a culmination of our own, unique Barn Fresh Design!
We love it in our home, and we think you and your home will love it, too!

Some Samples of Our Work

  • Barn Fresh Design Various Cupboards & Shelving
    Handcrafted Cupboards & Shelving
  • Barn Fresh Design Crate Box Ottomans
    Crate Box Ottomans
  • Barn Fresh Design Crate Box Ottoman
    Crate Box Ottoman (single)
  • Barn Fresh Design At Country Living Fair_June2014
    Our Booth at Country Living Fair, June 2014
  • Barn Fresh Design At Deerfield Spring Show
    Our Booth at a Previous Deerfield, MA Spring Show
  • Barn Fresh Design Handcrafted Chimney Cupboards
    Handcrafted Chimney Cupboards
  • Handcrafted Window Cupboards
  • Barn Fresh Design 5-peg Double Shelf
    Multi-Peg Double Wall Shelves


Every piece of our Barn Fresh Designs furniture replicates the look and feel of a treasured family heirloom.

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Our Finishes




Our Finishes


Our Barn Fresh Designs painted finishes are made to resemble vintage eras. We have developed a unique, five step process to replicate a distressed, worn finish to give each piece an antique appearance. We paint and hand rub stain on each piece to give it a distressed and worn finish.

Please Note: Our finishes are shown on hand-selected pine lumber. Since wood is a natural element, there may be variations in color, grain, texture and acceptance of the stain. Because of this we can not guarantee an exact match.

Valley Forge Mustard

New England Red

Colonial Green

Old Ohio Rust

Cabinet Maker's Blue


Country Decor

Barn Fresh Designs accents. Their essence is casual and speaks, ever-constantly, of the comfort of a more simple time.

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Past Shows

We’ve been working the craft show circuit for the most part since 1988! We’ve included some pics of only a few shows for you here to give you a sense of our setup. Be sure to check out our 2017 show schedule then come see us and our Barn Fresh Designs!

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At Deerfield June 2012 Show

At Deerfield Spring Show

At Country Living Fair, June 2014

At Country Living Fair, Sept. 2017


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